Hagfish essay

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Hagfish essay

Several Hagfish essay of Cyclostomes like Myxine Fig. Although the lampreys and the hagfishes are included under the same class. The hagfishes show a wide range of variation in structural construction.

Habit and Habitat of Hagfish: Hagfishes are exclusively marine and spend most of the time in burrows excavated in sand or mud and usually devour polychaete worms and dead fishes. They probably attack the dying or just dead fishes and suck out the whole content except the bones and skin.

Hagfishes are nocturnal animals. External Structures of Hagfish: It runs around the tail and proceeds anteriorly as a ventral fin up to the cloacal opening.

The caudal fin is also narrow and is of diphycercal type the cartilaginous epichordal or dorsal and hypochordal or ventral rays are similarly developed on the two sides of the notochord like that of lampreys.

The mouth is terminal in position and is bounded by delicate lips. The buccal cavity is more extensive than that of lampreys, but the buccal funnel is absent. There are about three or four pairs of tentacles around the edge of the mouth Fig.

The tentacles are supported by skeletal rods. Just on the ctorsal side of the mouth there is a curved large median tooth. There are two rows of teeth on the tongue. Secondary unpaired olfactory organs open to the exterior by a paired external nasal apertures.

These apertures open terminally and close to the mouth. The nasohypophysial tube opens into the buccal cavity. The paired eyes are rudimentary and functionless. The numbers of external openings of gill-pouches vary from 1 to 15 pairs.

So in Myxine only one pair of gill-slits are visible. But in Eptatretus there exist thirteen to fifteen separate external gill-slits on each side of the body Fig. Body wall and musculature: The integument, like that of lampreys, is soft and lacks exoskeleton.

The muscles in the body are arranged in myomeres. But in hagfishes, the myotomes are undivided, i. The hagfishes are sluggish animals and remain buried in the sandy bottom.

The power of locomotion is comparatively poor because of feeble development of the body musculature.

Hagfish essay

The notochord is en-sheathed by fibrous tissue, but the vertebral elements are absent. The skeletal support of the branchial region is ill-developed. The branchial basket is represented by a few anterior branchial arches. The arches are the first brancial and extra-branchial cartilages and the second extra-branchial cartilages.

A pair of rudimentary cartilages support the common gill-slits of Myxine. Digestive System of Hagfish: The alimentary canal is a straight tube with a comparatively wide intenstine.Circulatory System of Hagfish: The heart is S-shaped and is a four- chamber structure consisting of a sinus venosus, auricle, ventricle and an inconspicuous conus arteriosus (Fig.

). The conus arte­riosus is ill-developed but the truncus is well- represented. Hagfish slime consists of mucins and protein threads that are released from slime glands and mix with seawater to produce an ephemeral material with intriguing physical properties.


We recently characterized the mechanics of the slime's fibrous component, and here we report the first mechanical properties of the mucin component and the slime as a whole. The Hagfish is known to those who know of it as the most disgusting creature on Earth, a reputation well earned.

The Hagfish or known also as the slime eel to fisherman who are unlucky enough to get one in their fish, live between depths of 60m and m.

Hagfish essay

A hagfish may enter the body of a dead or injured fish through the fish's gills, mouth or anus and then feed on the internal organs of its prey from inside the prey's body.

When eating a large fish, a hagfish may tie itself into a knot in order to give itself leverage so that it can tear the flesh off the fish. The hagfish eye lacks a cornea, iris, papers, and lecture notes with other students. Kiran Temple University Fox School of Business ‘17, Course Hero Intern.

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Hagfish Slime Research

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